Low Income Housing Tax Credits & Energy Efficiency in Hawaii, 2017

Hawaii's 2017 Qualified Allocation Plan (QAP) provides incentives for projects that incorporate energy and water efficiency.

Projects which promote smart growth, energy, and water conservation, operational savings and sustainable building practices in affordable housing design may be awarded up to 4 points as follows: 

Projects can score points in only one category. If an applicant attempts to elect more than one category, the project shall not receive any points in this criterion. 

Applicants must submit a certification from the architect confirming that the Project can meet the required building standards for the category selected below (refer to exhibit list of the Consolidated Application). For example, if an applicant selects LEED Gold, the architect must certify that the Project can meet the LEED Gold standard. If the certification is missing or if the architect’s certification does not reconcile with the applicant’s election, the Project shall not receive any points in this criterion. 

EPA Energy Star v.3 1 point

Enterprise Green Communities

Certified 1 point

USGBC LEED for Homes – v4 HD&C 

Certified 1 point

Silver 2 points

Gold 3 points

Platinum 4 points

National Green Building Standard (NAHB) 

Bronze 1 points

Silver 2 points

Gold 3 points

Emerald 4 points

Upon completion of the project, a certification from a third party, architect, or engineer verifying the green building practices listed above have been used to construct or rehabilitate the building shall be submitted. Failure to provide the certification may result in forfeiture of the good faith deposit.

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National Housing Trust

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