Low-Income Housing Tax Credits & Seniors in Vermont, 2018

Vermont's 2018 Qualified Allocation Plan prioritizes affordable housing developments that provide housing for seniors. 

Senior Incentives

In recognizing that the senior population is fast growing, 25% of the annual housing tax credit ceiling will be considered for new senior (age-restricted) housing that provides Service-Enriched Housing directly to residents to allow them to age in place and avoid nursing home care or other institutional utilization*. Senior housing will also be considered for funding when it leverages new rental assistance or significant other subsidies** for the lowest income seniors.

In evaluating competing age-restricted projects, VHFA will look at regional and local needs, underserved communities, the overall impact of each proposal on the housing market, communities and development sites that will accommodate and welcome both elderly and general occupancy affordable housing. VHFA will seek input from the Agency of Human Services as to which proposal will have the most multiple benefits in terms of serving the most frail or disabled residents, and support AHS’s long term care goals.

This QAP will require that all projects and units meet the Vermont Access Rules for being “adaptable” and “visitable”. This predominantly affects residential buildings with 1-3 units, that otherwise would not be considered a “covered multifamily dwelling unit”, and some buildings with historic rehabilitation that may be asking for a waiver from the Vermont Access Rules. Projects that believe they cannot feasibly meet this requirement may ask for a waiver of this threshold. Projects seeking a waiver will be expected to do as much as feasibly possible such as designing entrances in such a way that a unit can be lived in or visited by people who have trouble with steps or who use wheelchairs or walkers. In addition, all projects shall attempt to provide as many elements of “Universal Design” as possible and shall indicate in the application what they are able to provide as outlined in the attached appendix.

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