Low Income Housing Tax Credits & Sustainable Development in Hawaii, 2014

Hawaii's 2014 Qualified Allocation Plan includes incentives for energy efficiency, green building and sustainable communities.

Hawaii’s 2014 QAP provides incentives for energy efficiency and green building. Projects that incorporate energy efficiency practices that promote resource conservation will be awarded points. Projects are required to follow the minimum State Energy Conservation Code requirements. In addition, Hawaii awards 1 point to projects that Energy Star Homes/Multifamily New Construction certified; 4 points to projects that achieve certification under Enterprise Green Communities; 2-8 points for projects that achieve LEED for Homes certification; and 2-8 points for projects that receive National Green Building Standard certification. Points are awarded depending on the level of certification achieved.

Hawaii’s 2014 QAP also provides incentives for sustainable communities. Up to 8 points are awarded for projects located in a county’s urban core or district, or projects near employment opportunities, recreational facilities, shopping facilities, medical facilities.

In addition, the QAP awards 1 point for projects that are located in a Qualified Census Tract or contributes to a concerted community revitalization plan. For example, if the site is located in an Enterprise Community, Empowerment Zone, or part of a County redevelopment plan.

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National Housing Trust

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