Low Income Housing Tax Credits & Transit in Illinois, 2018-2019

Illinois Housing Development Authority (IHDA) 2018-2019 Qualified Allocation Plan (QAP) awards points to projects with access to alternative forms of transportation available.

Projects with access to alternative forms of transportation can receive up to four (4) cumulative points as follows:

Transit Oriented Development – 1 point

All Sites are located within a completed, in-process, or programmed RTA-

Transit Oriented Development site (“TOD”).


For Sites that are located outside of the RTA – Transit Oriented Development Program of Northeastern Illinois, a local Transit Oriented Development plan which clearly includes additional housing as an initiative of the plan and is located within ½ mile of a major transportation hub may be submitted.

Mass Transit or Demand Responsive Transit (“DRT”) – 2 points

All Sites are located within 0.25 miles of a fixed route transit stop defined as buses and trains serving local destinations beginning no later than 8am and ending no earlier than 6pm, Monday through Friday;


All Sites are served by a DRT service Monday through Friday. DRT must be available to the public at large; that is, it may not be restricted to service for the elderly or disabled.

Travel Time to Work – 1 point

Site(s) is located within a census tract that exhibits less than or equal to average commute time to work. Commute time thresholds are determined by the set-aside in which the Site(s) is located and are set at the average travel time of all tracts existing within the set-aside.

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