Low Income Housing Tax Credits & Water Efficiency in Colorado, 2017

Colorado's 2017 Qualified Allocation Plan (QAP) includes requirements for water efficiency.

A project must comply with all of the mandatory provisions of the 2011 or 2015 Enterprise Green Communities criteria as amended for Colorado. In addition, new construction projects must earn a minimum of 35 points from the Optional Criteria, while rehabilitation projects must earn a minimum of 30 points from the Optional Criteria. CHFA may waive compliance with specific criteria if the applicant can demonstrate that the criteria creates a substantial hardship or is inadvisable for a specific project, and that an alternative proposal will meet the intent of the criteria. CHFA provides several additional alternative options for meeting several measures of the 2011 Enterprise Green Communities Criteria. For these allowed amendments, please see the instructions tab in the Green Communities Certification Workbook located at www.chfainfo.com/arh/lihtc/pages/application_egc-preliminary-documents.aspx.

Water Conservation 

Utilization of water-efficient appliances and fixtures, low water landscaping and irrigation, and gray water (water recaptured and recycled from showers, sinks, and clothes washers) when possible.

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National Housing Trust

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