DC Preservation Catalog

The DC Preservation Catalog is a database of assisted housing in the District of Columbia maintained by NeighborhoodInfo DC and the Coalition for Nonprofit Housing and Economic Development. The Catalog includes property names, locations, and data on the various subsidies that contribute to a property's affordability, including each subsidy's effective expiration dates and the number of income-restricted units.

Using the Online Catalog

The online DC Preservation Catalog shows the location of affordable housing across DC. To find a specific project, either zoom in on the map or enter the address in the Go to Address search bar. The catalog also features a toolbar on the left-hand side that allows users to filter properties by housing or subsidy characteristics. Users can search information like:

  • Project's risk of expiring
  • Project's name
  • Owner information
  • Number of units in the building

To see all of the affordable housing in a certain area, users can click on the Location tab to select specific Wards, ANCs, PSAs, Clusters, or Census Tracts. More detailed information on buildings' subsidies and past financing can be found in the Subsidy, Program Status, and Financial tabs. These include information about the types of subsidies attached to a property, the number of units covered, the expiration dates, and the history of previous subsidies. Users can also search "Real Property Events" like foreclosures or sales.

By combining these filters and applying them to the interactive map, users can see where properties of different types are located in the city. By clicking on a property's pin, users can see images of the building from the street view or find more detailed information. If multiple properties are grouped in the same area, the information window allows users to click through the properties using the front and back arrows in the upper right hand corner of the pop-up window.

Data Sources

Information in the DC Preservation Catalog is drawn from HUD and other national and local administrative data sources, supplemented by personal observations of Preservation Network members. Because of delays in updating and reporting, these sources may not always reflect the current status of the property. While efforts are made to ensure its accuracy and completeness, the Catalog may not be comprehensive and is continually being updated and improved.

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NeighborhoodInfo DC and CNHED

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