Elderly Transformative Preservation Pilot

Florida Housing Finance Corporation's "elderly transformative preservation” pilot program targets aging elderly developments already in FHFC's portfolio to provide design and service supports to help elders stay in their homes as long as possible.

For 2015, FHFC will offer funding for this program as part of the Preservation RFA. For additional information on the Preservation RFA, click here. The redevelopment of these properties will bring supportive services, particularly on-site health and wellness services. The provision of access to on-site health and wellness services is a core component of this RFA. This integrated approach to address resident needs for housing, health and long term services focuses on the inclusion of innovative person-centered, holistic and cost-effective interventions to coordinate care. The approach should include a strong health promotion and disease prevention focus, with an emphasis on health education, physical and cognitive fitness and self-care management. All resident participation in services is voluntary. Applicants will be scored based on their commitment and capacity to work with partners to provide a range of services on-site to the entire resident population, focusing on the following elements:

  • Strong resident services coordination that helps residents identify and address their health and supportive service needs;
  • On-site support with home and personal care needs; and
  • Engagement with health care entities to help coordinate and manage health care needs.

In 2014, the Elderly Transformative Preservation Pilot was funded through FHFC’s SAIL Request for Applicants (click here for that RFA).

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