Hawaii Housing Revolving Fund

Hawaii's Rental Housing Revolving Fund provides loans or grants to developers to build or preserve affordable housing. 

The Rental Housing Revolving Fund (RHRF) provides “Equity Gap” low-interest loans or grants to qualified owners and developers constructing affordable housing units. Funds may be used to provide a loan or a grant for the development, pre-development, construction, acquisition, preservation, and substantial rehabilitation of rental housing units. (NOTE: RHRF was formerly known as the Rental Housing Trust Fund pursuant to Act 237, SLH 2015, effective July 15, 2015.) Eligible applicants include qualified nonprofit and for-profit corporations, limited liability companies, partnerships, and government agencies. All awards are made competitively and are subject to the availability of funds. Each program has its own application deadlines and requirements.

Contributed By: 
National Housing Trust

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