Low Income Housing Tax Credits & Energy Efficiency in Kentucky, 2017-2018

Kentucky’s 2017-2018 Qualified Allocation Plan (QAP) includes requirements for energy efficiency.

Energy performance-based requirements and incentives 

All projects must implement KHC’s Universal and Minimum Design Standards to ensure energy-efficient design and construction practices are utilized. Rehabilitation projects are encouraged to incorporate KHC’s Universal Design standards when it is feasible.

Energy Efficiency: Documentation and/or calculations that the building envelope exceeds the 2012 IECC requirements must be provided from REScheck or other approved software. REScheck is a US Department of Energy free download at: http://www.energycodes.gov/rescheck/ 

Rehabilitation: Rehabilitation projects which do not involve use group changes are not subject to energy efficiency requirements except where new construction or alterations to existing structures occur. In these instances exposed building cavities and alterations shall be upgraded to comply with applicable provisions of the 2012 IECC.

This section shall apply to the extent not exempted by the Historic Preservation Office of the State of Kentucky.

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