Low Income Housing Tax Credits & Energy Efficiency in North Dakota, 2017

North Dakota's 2017 Qualified Allocation Plan (QAP) includes incentives for energy efficiency. 

Third Party Standards

Any applicant meeting 10 of the Green Communities’ criteria found in Exhibit E of the LIHTC Application will receive 1 point. Any applicant meeting 15 of the listed criteria will receive 3 points. By meeting 20 of the criteria, the applicant will be eligible for a total of 5 points in this category. Applications involving rehabilitation must meet 13 of the criteria to be eligible for 3 points and must meet 17 of the criteria to be eligible for the maximum 5 points. North Dakota’s 2017 QAP awards up to 7 points for projects obtaining LEED, Green Communities or ICC 700 National Green Building Standard Certification. 

To be eligible to earn any points in this category, applicants must submit a written development plan outlining the integrated design approach taken for this development that demonstrates involvement of the entire development team. 

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National Housing Trust

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