Low Income Housing Tax Credits & Opportunity Housing in Alabama, 2019

Alabama’s 2019 QAP allows for a maximum of 13 points to be gained based on site location.


(1) Neighborhood Services (Maximum 10 Points)

2 points will be given for each of the following neighborhood services located within 3 miles of the site. Distance will be measured by odometer from the automobile entrance of the proposed project site to the closest automobile entrance to the parking lot of the applicable neighborhood service. Projects located in a federal declared disaster county may receive points, if the neighborhood service is currently under construction and funded in whole or part by Federal or State disaster funds. The applicant must provide sufficient evidence of both requirements. Duplicate neighborhood services will not be eligible for additional points. Points will only be given for the neighborhood services listed below. If AHFA cannot locate a service due to incorrect directions, one (1) point will be deducted for each service where incorrect directions are provided. (Refer to the Application Site/Project Information Form for instructions on providing directions from site, and a general definition of services eligible for points).

Grocery Store Pharmacy or Drug Store Convenience Store Bank or Credit Union Hospital or Doctor Office

(2) Census Tract Location (Maximum 3 points)

A maximum of 2 points will be given to a project located in a census tract where the Median Family Income from the 2010 census data (2010 ACS 5 Year) is equal or above the following percentages (rounded down) of the county’s 2017 Annual Median Family Income published by HUD:

1 point – 80% to less than 90%

2 points – 90% less than 100%

3 points- 100% or more

However, Alabama’s 2019 QAP also deducts points for site selection.

(1) Negative Neighborhood Services (No Maximum - there is not a limit on the amount of points that can be deducted for negative neighborhood services.)

5 points each will be deducted if any of the following incompatible uses are adjacent to the site. Adjacent is defined as nearby, but not necessarily touching. The following list is not all inclusive. (Negative Neighborhood Services defined in the Application Instructions)

Junk yard or dump

Pig or chicken farm

Salvage yard

Processing plants

Wastewater treatment facility



Electrical utility


Prison or Jail


Solid waste disposal

Adult video/theater/live entertainment

Points will not be deducted for a prison, jail, or detainment facility if it is co-located with a law enforcement office.

(2) Accessibility (Maximum 2 points)

Points will be deducted if the condition of the streets and sidewalks are unsatisfactory. The width of the streets and the difficulty of access to the proposed site will be taken into consideration.

Community Revitalization


The Alabama 2019 QAP outlines that if there is a tie present between two projects, priority will be given to the project which is located in a Qualified Census Tract and is supported by its respective governmental entities approved revitalization plan. The revitalization plan must have been approved within the last five (5) years. Copies of relevant excerpted pages, with specific references highlighted (no more than 10 pages) must be submitted with the application.

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