Low-Income Housing Tax Credits & Opportunity Housing in Hawaii, 2018-2019

The Hawaii Housing Finance and Development Corporation establishes location-based point incentives in their 2018-2019 Qualified Allocation Plan (QAP) and demonstrate a preference for areas of opportunity as well as community revitalization plans.

The Hawaii Qualified Allocation Plan (QAP) for 2018-19 states that project location and market demand can earn an application up to 6 additional points.

The points awarded will be based on HHFDC’s evaluation of factors such as, but not limited to:

  • If project is located in a county’s urban core/district (preference) versus rural district and is accessible to employment opportunities and shopping; and recreational, medical and educational facilities are located in the immediate vicinity of the project site.
  • Located in a County’s urban core - 4 points
  • Located in an urbanized area - 3 points
  • Located in a master planned community - 2 points
  • Located in a rural district in proximity to employment opportunities and medical and educational facilities - 1 point
  • The project may earn two additional points for availability of a mass transit station/stop within ½ mile. For Oahu, the term “mass transit” is exclusive to rail. For the neighbor islands, the term “mass transit” is not exclusive to rail.

Community Revitalization Plans

The 2018-19 Hawaii QAP states that if the project is located in a qualified census tract, and the project will redevelop existing housing which contributed to a concerted community revitalization plan, as determined by HHFDC, the project may gain up to 2 points. Examples of sites include location in an Enterprise Community, Empowerment Zone, or part of a County redevelopment plan.


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