Low Income Housing Tax Credits & Opportunity Housing in Michigan, 2017

Michigan's State Housing Development Authority places considerable emphasis through its 2017 policy documents, including the Qualified Allocation Plan and Scoring Criteria, on ensuring afforable housing in areas of high opportunity. 

As is outlined in greater detail throughout this QAP, the Scoring Criteria, and other applicable policy documents, many of the policies that are in place within the 2017-2018 QAP are designed with the intent of ensuring that affordable housing is available in areas of high opportunity. To accomplish this, the 2017-2018 QAP places a great amount of emphasis on the strength of a project’s location by considering many factors as further highlighted below. It is the intention of these policies to develop and revitalize housing in areas that have a significant quantity of community amenities, offer tenants access to mobility and jobs, and that will be a focal point for further future investment.

The following are key criteria within the QAP and other related policies that have a direct correlation to creating and/or preserving affordable housing and allowing lower income residents to live in areas of greater opportunity:

  1. Proximity to Transportation/Walk Score 
  2. Developments Near An Employment Center 
  3. Neighborhood Investment Activity Areas 
  4. Affordable/Market Rent Differential 
  5. Mixed Income Development 
  6. Rural Set-Aside 

The QAP has a heavy emphasis on location because strong locations that are proximate to a large amount of amenities can have significant benefits for residents. Among these benefits are the potential for enhanced quality of life, proximity to employment, and reduced transportation costs associated with living in walkable areas. Residents desire to live and work in locations where there is a high quality of life and where there are a multitude of opportunities to continue to better their current situation. Residents that are in need of affordable housing are no different in what they desire and affordable housing should be no different in what it offers them. It is for these reasons that the QAP intentionally focuses on areas of opportunity.

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National Housing Trust

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