Low-Income Housing Tax Credits & Preservation in Oklahoma, 2018

Oklahoma's 2018 Qualified Allocation Plan (QAP) awards points to preservation projects.


30% set aside for rehabilitation where Rehabilitation Developments are anything less than 100% new construction. New Construction includes removing all existing structures, including slab(s).

Point Incentives

Preservation of Affordable Housing - Total Points Possible: 3 (points will not be pro-rated.)

Affordable does not mean tenants receiving Section 8 assistance or units rented at a discount rate to market. Preservation means the preservation of the affordability of the housing, not the Buildings/real estate.

Traditionally, one of the type of programs listed below is involved or a similar type program.

• Properties with project-based Rental Assistance contracts

• Properties with USDA Section 515 loans

• Properties financed with Low Income Housing Tax Credits

• Properties financed with Section 202/811 loans

• Properties financed with 1937 Housing Act funds


A minimum rehabilitation investment is required to assure meaningful, rather than simply cosmetic, substantial rehabilitation of properties. A threshold of no less than $30,000 in hard costs per unit or hard costs of at least twenty percent (20%) of Eligible Basis, whichever is greater.


130% Boost - Developments located in a QCT or DDA are eligible for the 130% Eligible Basis increase (boost).

120% Boost - Developments not located in a QCT or DDA may be eligible for the 120% general financial adjustment Eligible Basis (boost) by requesting and showing a financial need for the boost.

In addition, Developments must be in; Beckham, Bryan, Canadian, Cleveland, Custer, Garfield, Haskell, Logan, Love, McClain, McIntosh, Oklahoma, Payne, Pontotoc, Texas, Tulsa, Wagoner, Woods and Woodward OR Developments must be in those areas designated as high opportunity/low poverty in the Location Selection Criteria.

Extended Use / Year 15

Term of Affordability - Total Points Possible: 10

A Development may commit to remain affordable to Low-Income persons for extended periods of time over and above the programmatically required affordability period (minimum 30 years). Points will not be awarded unless the Applicant agrees to waive its right to request a Qualified Contract after year 14 of the Compliance Period. Points will be awarded as follows:

• Additional term of affordability of 10 years beyond required minimum.

• If the Development receives points in this category, it will not receive points in the Tenant Ownership category.

Community Revitalization Plans

QCT with plan – 1 point

A map showing the location of the property within the QCT and the revitalization plan. The revitalization plan must be signed by the local governing body with jurisdiction over the site within which the proposed Development is located at the time of Application and must include a brief description of the plan, a brief description of how affordable housing benefits the plan, and a brief statement regarding the need for affordable housing in the area affected by the plan.

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