Low Income Housing Tax Credits & Senior Housing in Hawaii, 2019-2020

Georgia's 2019-2020 Qualified Allocation Plan provides incentives for services benefitting seniors

For the purpose of the Hawaii 2019-2020 Qualified Allocation Plan (QAP), “special housing needs” mean persons for whom social problems, age or physical or mental disabilities impair their ability to live independently, and for whom such ability can be improved by more suitable housing conditions. Persons with special housing needs may include persons with physical or mental disabilities or persons who are homeless.

Projects may receive up to 2 points for the criterion if it commits to provide services that will enhance the livability of the project for tenant populations with special housing needs. The amount of points awarded is based on the quantity and quality of services provided and the status of commitment. The maximum 2 points will be awarded only to applicants that have an executed commitment to serve this project by a third party service provider or if applicant or owner is an experienced provider of the proposed services. All such services shall be optional to the tenant and shall be provided at no additional cost to the tenant.

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National Housing Trust

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