Low Income Housing Tax Credits & Seniors in Tennessee, 2015

Tennessee's 2015 Qualified Allocation Plan (QAP) sets aside 10% of its Low Income Housing Tax Credits for senior developments. 

Tennessee’s 2015 QAP lists the encouragement of affordable housing units for the elderly as one of its ten goals and objectives.  The QAP sets aside up to 10% of unused and returned credits for developments serving households with special needs.  The QAP defines special needs housing as Special needs housing has been constructed or rehabilitated with special features (e.g. location, design, layout, on-site services) to help people live at the highest level of independence in the community. For example, the unit may be adapted to accommodate special physical or medical needs; or provide on-site services such as staff support for the elderly, individuals with mental health issues, developmental, or other social needs.

For proposed developments utilizing other state or federal financing (e.g.HUD, USDA), the definition of elderly shall be consistent with the requirements of such other state or federal financing; or (B) for all other proposed developments, the definition of elderly shall be a household whose head or head’s spouse or sole member is a person who is at least 62 years of age. For elderly housing proposals, developments must have 100% elderly occupation.

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National Housing Trust

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