Low Income Housing Tax Credits & Sustainable Development in Alaska, 2014

Alaska’s 2014 Qualified Allocation Plan prioritizes projects that maximize energy efficiency. 

As a threshold requirement, Alaska’s 2014 QAP requires that Energy Star Appliances be exclusively used where such appliances may be incorporated into the project designs. 

Projects can receive up to 25 points for energy efficiency. This includes 5 points for projects that achieve a 2012 IECC Certification, 5 points for projects that incorporate solar thermal or geothermal energy, 3 points for projects that incorporate solar photovoltaic energy, and 2 points for projects that include an energy performance guarantee.

New construction projects can receive a basis boost under the 2014 QAP if the project earns a combined total of 13 points in the “Energy Efficiency” and “Project Serves the Lowest Income Tenants” categories.

Alaska distinguish's between rehabilitation and new construction.

Alaska’s 2014 QAP awards 5 points for any project located in a qualified census tract and contributes to a community revitalization plan. 

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National Housing Trust

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