Low Income Housing Tax Credits & Sustainable Development in Alaska, 2018-2019

·         Performance Incentives

Project commits to achieving a 5 Star Plus BEES rating* (5 points) ii. If a project is located in a site without access to hydroelectric or natural gas, the project commits to achieve a 6 Star BEES rating.* Please note: points will be awarded under (i) or (ii), but not under both for a single project. (8 points) iii. Rehab projects only: Project commits to achieving 2012 International Energy Conservation Code Certification.* Please note: points may only be awarded under (i), (ii), or (iii) for a single project. (5 points)

·         3rd Party Green Building

Energy Star Appliances: Where Energy Star Appliances may be incorporated into the project designs, GOAL funded projects will be required to exclusively use certified Energy Star appliances.

Pr   Project Specific Utility Allowance

Energy Consumption Models will not be allowed for developments located in communities where a public housing utility allowance is available. Property owners utilizing energy consumption models, as of June 27, 2018, in areas covered by public housing utility allowances will have up to three years from the date of this Allocation Plan to transition to the Public Housing Utility Allowance. Properties located in communities without a public housing utility allowance may use Energy Consumption Models if, and only if, the consumption model is approved by the GOAL Program Manager.

·         Renewable Energy

Solar Thermal energy or Geothermal energy will be incorporated into the project design and operations (8 points)* v. Thermal energy offset for small projects* – Developments with 10 or fewer units will receive offsetting points if they are not awarded points under section (iv) (6 points)* vi. Solar Photovoltaic energy will be incorporated into the project design and operations; in communities located in Southeast Alaska, proposals may use Air Source Heat Pumps (ASHPs) in lieu of Solar Photovoltaic energy systems to earn points under this section (4 points)

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