Low Income Housing Tax Credits & Sustainable Development in Colorado, 2014

Colorado's 2014 Qualified Allocation Plan includes green building and energy efficiency in its threshold criteria and awards points for sustainable communities. 

Green Development: Colorado’s 2014 QAP requires applicants to meet Enterprise Green Communities standards as a threshold requirement. Applicants must complete the Enterprise Green Communities Criteria Checklist and score a minimum of 30 points for acquisition/rehab projects and 35 for new construction projects, certifying that the project will meet or exceed the Enterprise Green Communities requirements or the equivalent of those requirements for new construction or rehabilitation as applicable. 

Green projects must meet a minimum number of green communities criteria that include: integrated design process, location and neighborhood fabric, site improvements, water conservation, energy efficiency, materials beneficial to the environment, healthy living environment, operations and maintenance

Sustainable Communities: Project sites will also be evaluated on the basis of suitability and overall marketability including, but not limited to proximity to schools, shopping, public transportation, medical services, parks/playgrounds, conformance with neighborhood character and land use patterns; site suitability regarding slope, noise (eg: railroad tracks, freeways), environmental hazards, flood plain, or wetland issues.  

The QAP also awards 1 point for projects located in a qualified census tract that contribute to a Community Revitalization Plan.

A 30% basis boost will be applied to projects in qualified census tracks, difficult development areas, or projects determined to need the boost to be economically feasible. The CHFA basis boost only applied to new construction and rehab eligible basis of competitive (9%) LIHTC projects

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