Low Income Housing Tax Credits & Sustainable Development in Mississippi, 2016

Mississippi's 2016 Qualified Allocation Plan offers point incentives for developers who comply with certain green building standards. 

Mississippi’s 2016 QAP awards 7 points for development at a minimum of ICC 700 National Green Building Standard, Bronze Level, 10 points for Silver Level. NGBS has separate scoring tools for new construction and rehabilitation.

Mississippi's Minimum Design Quality Standards include some energy efficiency/green design, including:

1. Use of all Energy Star rated appliances.

2. Use of low or zero V.O.C. (Volatile Organic Compounds) interior paints.

3. Use of Formaldehyde‐free insulation

4. Use of at least of one (1) high efficiency toilet or dual flush per unit.

5. Use of double glazed, insulated energy efficient windows, with Low‐E glazing and a minimum: U factor of .55, Heat Gain Coefficient of .29 and Visibility Transfer of .52

6. Use of alternate, high efficient H.V.A.C. sources and delivery systems (14 SEER).

7. Use of water efficient landscape plants

8. Use of efficient, compact site design (when local codes allow).

9. Use of Gutters and downspouts at eaves less than 12” on 1 story and less than 24” on 2nd level. Downspouts to underground drain system or concrete splash blocks or hard surface required.

10. Use of PEX plumbing systems for domestic water.

11. Use of Day‐lighting. Day‐lighting includes strategies for increasing the percentage of illumination provided by natural light by optimizing building orientation and room layout.

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National Housing Trust

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