Low Income Housing Tax Credits & Sustainable Development in Missouri, 2015

Missouri’s 2015 QAP takes into account energy efficiency and overall sustainability.

For new construction, MHDC requires following one of the following green building rating systems: Enterprise Green Communities, any of the LEED rating systems, or the NAHB National Green Building Standard. Any certification level of these systems is acceptable. These guidelines are only for new construction, with no specific requirements for preservation.

Important considerations for location include:

  1. Location in a qualified census tract that will contribute to a concerted community revitalization plan;
  2. Whether existing housing is used as part of a community revitalization plan;
  3. Location in a community with demonstrated new employment opportunities and a proven need for workforce housing;
  4. Infill of existing stable neighborhoods.
  5. Commission-designated Targeted Areas

Properties that are part of a larger mixed-use economic development area are eligible for a basis boost of up to 30%. For a development to qualify as part of a mixed-use economic development area, it must:

  1. Be part of a mixed-use economic development area that includes different housing types of different household income levels, new retail/office/light industrial space that creates new permanent jobs, and new public space or activity center designed for user of the area; or
  2. Be part of a Transit Oriented Development (TOD) plan. The TOD plan must be centered around and integrated with a transit stop and the proposal must be located within 1,750 feet of a transit stop. The TOD plan must be mixed-use, mixed-income, pedestrian friendly, and of appropriate density for a TOD.

MHDC will decide, in its sole discretion, what evidence and what types of development will qualify for an increase in qualified basis for mixed-use economic development areas. An important factor is that the MHDC development is not the only development taking place and the MHDC development will enhance the overall plan, rather than be the overall plan. It is expected the plan, of which the MHDC development is a part, contemplates the development of multiple buildings over and area of reasonable size. This will not apply to a singular structure, regardless of location.

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