Low Income Housing Tax Credits & Sustainable development in Montana, 2018

Montana's 2017 Qualified Allocation Plan provides up to 100 total points for Green Building an Energy Conservation Standards. 

Green and Sustainable Communities

Green Building and Energy Conservation Standards* (100 points possible): Applicant’s justification for green building and energy conservation includes but is not limited to Energy Star building and appliance initiatives, water saving devices and green construction and materials. The green building and energy conservation items are listed and further described, and the available points and evaluation scoring criteria are specified, for New Construction and Rehabilitation in the MBOH Green Building and Energy Form. The Application must include the completed Green Building and Energy Form, available on the MBOH website at http://housing.mt.gov/QAPforms. The Applicant’s architect, who is qualified with respect to energy and green building standards, must provide a letter confirming the listed green building items incorporated into the Project and a document that is outlined in a column and table format, listing each Mandatory and Scoring Item. For Rehabilitation the table must list each scoring item and specify each unit that will include the item. This letter and the accompanying column/table document must be included in the Application. NOTE: The Applicant’s architect also must provide certification at Final Cost Certification for 8609(s) purposes confirming that the initiatives were incorporated.

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