Low-Income Housing Tax Credits & Sustainable Development in Virginia, 2017

Virginia’s 2017 Qualified Allocation Plan (QAP) awards points for sustainable development.

Green Building

Virginia’s 2017 QAP awards up to 45 points for green building certification. The QAP awards 15 points for LEED Silver or EarthCraft certified developments; 35 points for LEED Gold or EarthCraft Gold developments; and 10 additional points for EarthCraft certified development or EarthCraft Gold development that performs tenant utility monitoring/benchmarking.

In addition, Virginia awards points for specific green design characteristics. Points are awarded for Energy Star windows and appliances, WaterSense faucets and showerheads, and energy efficient heat and cooling equipment. Several of these design characteristics are specifically for new construction, while others may be earned by any development.

5 points for Sub-metered Water Expense - Every unit in the development is sub-metered (i.e. households pay the water provider directly), with equipment capturing/measuring 100% of the water used in the unit (not just hot water usage). If the locality does not allow water sub-metering, the Applicant does not qualify for these points.

2 points for WaterSense Faucets & Showerheads - Every unit in the development has bathroom(s) containing only WaterSense labeled faucets and showerheads.

5 points for Water Heater Efficiency - Every unit in the development has a hot water heater that has an energy factor greater than or equal to 67% (gas water heaters) or greater than or equal to 93% (electric water heaters); or any centralized commercial system that has an efficiency performance rating equal to or greater than 95%; or any solar thermal system that meets at least 60% of the development’s domestic hot water load.

2 points for WaterSense Toilets - If each bathroom is equipped with a WaterSense labeled toilet.

Sustainable Development

Virginia’s 2017 QAP awards 10 points to any development located within ½ mile of an existing commuter rail, light rail or subway station or ¼ mile of one or more existing public bus stops. 20 points if the development is in the Northern Virginia/Planning District 8, or Tidewater MSA pools.


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