Low Income Housing Tax Credits & Tax Exempt Bonds in Ohio, 2016-17

Ohio's 2016-17 Qualified Allocation Plan (QAP) requires 4% housing tax credits to meet the QAP threshold criteria.

Minimum requirements for review of a 4% housing tax credit application shall include all criteria listed in the Threshold and Final Requirements sections of the allocation plan, with the following exceptions:

  1. The fee for 4% housing tax credit applications is $2,000. OHFA may assess fees with respect to its other programs, where applicable
  2. 4% housing tax credit developments that will not request HDAP funds are exempt from additional rent restrictions and minimum requirements for HDAP funding
  3. OHFA may waive the requirement of green standards for 4% housing tax credit developments demonstrating financial need. Applicants may request an exception simultaneous to submission of the final application
  4. OHFA may allow additional time for 4% housing tax credit developments to submit 80 percent complete architectural plans and specifications. However, a review period of at least 60 days is necessary between the submission of 80 percent plans and the issuance of a 42m Letter of Eligibility
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National Housing Trust

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