Low Income Housing Tax Credits & Utility Coordination in Minnesota, 2016

Minnesota's 2016 Qualified Allocation Plan (QAP) application materials require coordination with utility energy efficiency programs.

Minnesota Housing's 2016 Multifamily Rental Housing Design/Construction Standards requires all projects receiving tax credit allocation or deferred funding from Minnesota Housing to provide an Energy Rebate Analysis.

A. At the application phase, submit a preliminary/draft explanation of energy rebates being considered with estimated rebate amounts.

B. Prior to closing/loan commitment, submit a final ERA as follows:

  1. Prepared by a third-party entity with no identity of interest to the developer, borrower, or owner of the development property. The third-party entity must be a licensed architect, licensed engineer, needs assessor, HERS rater, or other entity deemed qualified by Minnesota Housing to provide this service.
  2. The ERA must be on the letterhead of the entity it was prepared by and must include contact information and date it was prepared.
  3. The ERA must include a list of eligible utility company, local, regional, state or federal rebate programs.
  4. The ERA must include recommendations of applicable rebates to be included with estimated rebate amounts or estimated tax credit amounts. 
  5. Include calculations, energy models or other technical data to support recommendations. 
  6. Include letters, program data information, or other documentation from utility providers to support noted programs
  7. If renewable energy strategies are proposed, a cost-benefit analysis must be included. Visit the state website with rebate information.
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