Michigan's Pass Through Short Term Bond Program

Michigan State Housing Development Authority provides, through this program, for bonds issued to finance a development to be the limited obligation of the Authority and are instead secured by the revenue of the borrower, the real and personal property being financed, and a form of credit enhancement acceptable to the Authority.

Projects initiated under the Pass-Through Short-Term Bond program have historically been credit enhanced with a Credit Enhancement and Investment Agreement and are refinanced within 36 months following the issuance of the bonds through the use of a Federal Housing Administration (FHA) insured Ginnie Mae (GNMA) mortgage or other similar financing source. The refinancing occurs after construction or substantial rehabilitation of the development has been completed – at which time the program bonds are redeemed in whole.

Although the bonds issued under the Pass-Through Short-Term Bond program are only outstanding for a short period of time, all of the statutory and other requirements of the pass through program would apply. Those requirements are summarized in the program statement below.

All proposals are subject to available volume cap, as made available by the Michigan Department of Treasury and as determined appropriate by the Authority. Volume cap may be allocated to qualified projects under this program provided that said projects may not have a combined bond amount greater than $30 million. This program will terminate at the earliest of: 1) the Authority’s regularly scheduled March 2016 meeting; or 2) the Authority’s regularly scheduled February meeting if there is no March meeting; or 3) the $30 million volume cap is fully subscribed. For a project to be included in the $30 million ceiling, a project must have been approved by the Authority for an inducement resolution at or before the Authority’s March 2016 board meeting. Once the program has terminated, the Authority will review the program and determine whether, and under what conditions, to extend the program.

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