Oklahoma Housing Trust Fund

The Oklahoma Housing Trust Fund provides low-interest loans to finance new construction, conversion of buildings into apartments or homes, rehailitation projects or infrastructure.

For-profit and non-profit developers, units of local governments, tribes, and political subdivisions can utilize the Housing Trust Fund to assist in building affordable housing, primarily in rural Oklahoma. As of October 2014, $3,001,604 were available through the Oklahoma Housing Trust Fund.

Housing Trust Funds are used for new construction of rental or homeownership units; conversion of non-residential structures into rental or homeownership; acquisition and/or rehabilitation; or housing infrastructure when part of a total development project. Requirements include:

  • 65%-75% of funding must be allocated within counties of less than 490,000 population
  • Rental property is for at or below 80% of area median income
  • Homeownership is for at or below 100% of area median income

Eligible applicants include for-profit developers; units of local government; tribal governments; non-profit organizations; and political subdivisions.

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National Housing Trust

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